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Aplos, dairy products
LiDL, supermarket, frozen vegetables
Aromatologic, oil perfumes
Olive Oil Majesty, premium extra virgin olive oil
ΙΟΝ, chocolate couvertures
GAEA, oil and vinegar
Foodscross, premium honey
Beatific, new skincare line
The Basics, 4 basic products for skin care.
The family beez, honey of limited production
harmonian, food products
Soligea, premium olive oil
Salmon oil, Ω3
GAEA, fruit bars
Nongfu Spring, bottled whisked tea
Sun wines, white - rose - red wine
THE GUARDIANS* red - rose - white wine
Ron Finley project
θαλάσσιος κόσμος, frozen sea food
BAU, building materials
Feldthusen, packaged food
Lavdas, gummy jellies
My olive tree
Squarefish, high quality convenient sea food product
TIMION extra virgin olive oil from Lakonia
FoodWealth food products from the Greek land
Nuts for snack
Etesian gold premium olive oils
Mighty rice
Youth lab cosmetics
Agrovim premium olive oil (pdo) infused
St.olive premium extra virgin olive oil
Kefalonia fisheries organic sea bream & sea bass
Bruken, range of tile adhesives
Agrovim, oil
Sugarillos sugar sticks
Hatziyiannakis dragées & pebbles
Fleriana all natural products
100% greek extra virgin and organic olive oils
Wonderplant, Greek tomato from Drama, media kit and opening invitation
Sarantis traditional greek sweet, spoon-able
Petrocoll spatula putty
Anaθima organic wine
Biotos organic red wine
White key villas, bath cosmetics
Gattegno brochure
Topos, office interior & architectual materials
Tusso coffee concept - coffee & chocolate tastes
Henninger, before & after
Draculi greek coffee
Digital Square logo
+design magazine issue cover
Ηartovasileion sous-plats
7days double croissant
7days cereal bars
Mπαρμπα Στάθης re-design of all products
Lifedrops sugar-free chewing gum with Chios mastic
Μπάρμπα Στάθης frozen herbs
Lavdas traditional toffee-milk candies
AB super market (delhaize group), pl, fruit juice, dob (private label)
Zarbanis distillery ouzo
Goody's restaurant chain products
i cook greek free press magazine
Μπάρμπα Στάθης 'greek kitchen' ready meals
Ariston vegetable oils for cooking
on air airline free press magazine
Walk socks women's hosiery
Petrocoll building materials
Walk socks men's underwear
MEZ soft mint pastilles
Nonni's (New York Style) bagel chips
Design Greece logo
Kefalonia fisheries organic sea bass-sea bream
Synovate, brochure
7days bake rolls